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Violin....Violin.... [Dec. 17th, 2000|12:03 pm]
Violin N Cello
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

Today was the last Violin lesson for this year. I got 2 music piece to pratice for the first lesson for next year. *Whopee* One of the was the 'famous' Violin Concerto (Simple version! ^_^;). *Wheez* I tried it the first time and it went totally hay-wire, however, my teacher played it really, really, really (x 100) beautifully! So, within these 2 week of 'holiday' to the next lesson (next year), I must pratise so I'll be able to play the music piece like him!

Ah-ha! I got a free Christmas present from the music School! A little red Santa Claus!*laughs* So cute!