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Violin & Cello Siblings Journals [Dec. 21st, 2000|10:56 pm]
Violin N Cello
[mood |chipperchipper]

Sea Wind StarFor Goodness Sake, my Journal is getting really clustered at all those new websites additions, links and such. So today, I made a BIG Decision...

YS MemorialI got another Journal at YS Memorial. The Yayoi & Senichi Journal will contains all my new websites additions, Shrines dedicated to handsome, cool and kawaii guys from anime, manga and games and such. Another is Sea Wind Star. This Journal will contains my Daily Activites and happenings.

String HappyThis Violin N Cello Journal will be kept solely for my hobbies and passions. (Namely, my Violin lessons, Music and Arts related topics! ^__^)

To read my new Journal, you can click on the Friends links, (And to read my great friend, String Happy's Journal as well! We shared the same interests! *Chants "Violin! Violin! Violin!"*)